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document control. Simplified.

Track thousands of documents from across your fleet. upgrade your SMS today.

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Our clean modern interface with clear navigation requires very little training for staff and crew.


Simple customisation means your existing system will fit right in, however it is structured.


Reliable replication is built-in. Only transfer relevant documents to each vessel.


Automatic revision control, document barcodes and expiry reminders help you keep control.

Simple User Interface

The key to a successful SMS is making it accessible and easy to navigate.

We work hard to minimise clutter in our applications, ensuring that user experience is positive right from the start.

COntent Addons

No need to waste time trawling the internet for the latest flag notices and safety flashes.

Let MMS handle this for you, so you can concentrate on delivering the best service possible to your vessels.

Auto Table of Contents

Save time with automatic generation of linked Table of Contents for your documents. Users will quickly understand the structure of each document and can navigate directly to the relevant section.

Superfast Search

We believe searching should be instant, accurate and forgiving. Our search bar delivers immediate results as you type, and doesn’t mind about perfect spelling

Offline-First Apps

Our apps are quick to deploy across devices. Data is encrypted and transferred from Cloud to Vessel once. Each individual device can then keep a full cache of data. This means that in the event of server failure or network breakdown, you can carry on as normal until the network is back in action.

Secure by Default

Our secure cloud platform keeps your data safe and uses industry standard SSL encryption for all replication and data transfer. Simple controls allow you assign access and permissions to your users.

printing Control

Easily control printing of documents, including header and footer, and let MMS Manage make the document look great. Automatically apply a QR Code to every printout, then simply scan with our app to check for the latest revision. No more obsolete policies on bulkheads.

and more...

We offer a live demo to give you a feel for the system, as well as a no commitment trial for all new accounts. Start your trial now or click the chat bubble on this page.